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Italy’s first Myobrace provider is in Varese, Italy.

What is Myobrace

Myobrace is the world’s leading company in the field of medical silicone preformed myofunctional devices. His treatment protocol, through specific exercises, restores proper orofacial function by resolving malocclusions without the use of fixed braces.

Myobrace combines correction of vicious habits, arch expansion and dental alignment in one integrated solution.

What are the advantages of Myobrace over traditional orthodontics?

Absence of fixed appliances.

Treat both cause and effect.

It improves the quality of sleep.

Improves cellular oxygenation.

Improves cognitive and physical performance.

No damage to enamel.

No damage to roots.

No permanent contention.

Myobrace treats the cause of malocclusion and aligns teeth with stable results over time.

The belief that malocclusions are mostly genetic is a concept that is now scientifically outdated: malocclusions mainly depend on dysfunctions that, by preventing proper nasal breathing, correct tongue position at rest on the palate, correct swallowing and lips joined at rest, do not allow the mouth to grow and develop properly.

Aligning the position of the teeth without treating these dysfunctions is possible, but the result is not permanent: the dysfunctions do not stop applying their forces, and over time the teeth return to their original position, undoing sacrifices and wasting time and economic resources.

GOALS: Correction of swallowing.
RESULTS: Swallowing and muscle function restored.



GOALS: Correction of oral to nasal breathing.
RESULTS: Physiological breathing restored.



GOALS: To stimulate jaw growth and inhibit jaw development.
RESULTS: Bite reversal.



GOALS: Resolve tension muscle headache.
RESULTS: Headache resolved and stable occlusion restored.



Pathologies treated

Sleep disorders

Muscle-tensive headache

Oral breathing


Poor jaw growth

Tooth crowding

TMJ Disorders

Myofunctional Imbalances

The “Studio Giorgino”

Founded by Dr. Giorgino Salvatore in 1983, Studio Giorgino has two locations: one in Busto Arsizio and one in Varese.

A deep knowledge of Medicine and a passion for their work have enabled the practices to grow steadily and treat 3 generations of patients: special regard is given to the care of the youngest with pedodontics and myofunctional orthodontics.

Drs. Giorgino Salvatore, Vincenzo and Silvia are not only profound connoisseurs of the subject, but since 2015 they have been invited to speak on the topic at scientific evenings and conferences.

Dr. Giorgino Vincenzo, Myobrace speaker and the first Provider in Italy, organizes courses throughout the country to teach dental and orthodontist colleagues the correct treatment protocol for malocclusions with Myobrace.

Rooms dedicated to Myobrace

Inside the Varese studio are rooms dedicated to teaching and conducting Myobrace Activities, a myofunctional therapy exercise program that works in conjunction with preformed medical silicone myofunctional devices, of which Studio Giorgino is the first certified and authorized Provider to operate in Italy.

In a child-friendly environment, the young patient is supervised by highly trained staff who help him or her perform the exercises and monitor their progress.

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Vincenzo Giorgino: Digital and myofunctional dentistry.

Reference specialist of Myobrace® Study Groups in Italy, SIDO and DDS member. MRC European Summit speaker.

Dr. Vincenzo Giorgino is a Level 1 dentist at Studio Giorgino S.r.l. where he holds clinical, organizational and managerial positions and is involved in all branches of Dentistry with particular passion for Myofunctional Orthodontics and Digital Dentistry. In addition to the clinic, Dr. Giorgino has an intense scientific outreach activity as a speaker for courses curated by Myobrace italia distributor, Primalux: “MYOBRACE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE, INTEGRATING THE TREATMENT SYSTEM INSIDE THE CLINIC.”

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Are you a dentist and want to learn more?

If you are a clinician and are interested in myobrace orthodontics, please contact us: Dr. Vincenzo Giorgino runs courses to integrate the Myobrace treatment system in his clinic nationwide.

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